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Lawn Care

Lawn care starts at $30, which includes weed eating and edging.  For weekly lawn care for small and medium yards, the price will include free lawn treatment and liquid fertilizer.

Lawn care is billed monthly by email or by mail.​ All estimates are free. You can call or text with the address and we will leave you a quote.

Contact Information

Owner:  Jason Skeens
​Phone Number  502-817-6561

Quality Services
Free Estimtes
Commercial and Residential
  directory  |  phone number: 502.817.6561
We offer the following services:

Mulch Installation
Flower and Tree Installation
Hedge Trimming
Weed Control
Landscape Cleanup
Sod Installation
Other Serves also available


Lawn and Landscaping
Lagrange KY lawncare
Lagrange KY lawncare